Product Designer at Abricot Studio

Metagame Designer Guild

Freelance UX/UI Designer


Varess UX/UI

Premia UI Designer

Decentraland Game Designer

Innovation maker at Lectra

Product Designer at Abricot Studio

Blockchain creation studio

Nov, 2020 •

Focusing on art creation in all its forms

Creative design

From game to generative art creation, our artistic studio aims at gathering technology and design to create innovative projects based on the blockchain and metaverse.

Metagame Designer Guild

A Massive Online Coordination Game

Apr, 2021 •

Achieving missions for the designer's guild, playing the game to build the game.

UX/UI Design

Metagame Designer's guild always needs motivated designers to work on building the project. It is experimental and unique: Metagame is a game where people get rewarded by experience point (XP) for achieving a mission and contributing to the community. Everyone is free of working on the topic that he wants to develop, justifying the utility for the community. The project is built, by the community, for the community and is fully decentralized.

Freelance UX/UI Designer

Remote worldwide

Nov, 2019 •

I help tech companies to convert complex services into easy-to-use interfaces.

Branding and UX/UI Design

Design thinking and user focused process of ideation and creation. Logo and branding assets creation. 2D/3D illustrations. Wireframe and high fidelity/interactive mockups design with Figma.

Design System

Creation of reusable components and style guides to organize the design process of your product and help scale your project easily. Design system implementation is made with Figma and includes: color Scheme, typography, icon set, buttons, shadows, components...


Landing Page, Application Mobile/Web

Varess Application

NFTs as collateral

2 months • Jul, 2021

Design a new product that helps people lend money with their sleeping NFTs

Market study

Market and competitors analysis. Personas and user stories elaboration.

Branding and design

Logo and branding assets creation. Wireframe and application design with Figma. Interactive mockups delivery.

Design System

Design system implementation into Figma. Icons set creation. Auto-layouts and responsive Figma components.

Premia UI Designer

Permissionless options and metavaults

7 months • Mar, 2021

Working on recasting the Premia user experience and design for the V2 launch

UX/UI design

Focusing on rebranding the project. New user stories and workflow to ease the user process. Optimization of the user experience with web3 constraints.

Design System implementation

Creation of a complete design system in Figma. Designing the Notion style guide for designers and other teams.

Decentraland Game Designer

The first-ever virtual world owned by its users

6 months • Feb, 2020

Designer for multiplayer games

Game mechanics creation

Creating a good game logic integrating blockchain and NFTs minting processes. Benchmark of famous and easy-to-play games. Identification of user personas

In-game user experience

User workflow in a 3D environment. Help users understand the game and the mission. Easy integration of 2D UI into the 3D decor.

Game ideation and design

Creating a 3D scene with strong technical constraints. 2D sketching. 3D designs and animations with Blender.

Innovation maker at Lectra

World leader in CAD software and CAM cutting-room systems for industries

1 year • Nov, 2018

Product owner role in Lectra's innovation lab, focused on disrupting the fashion production process based on innovative technologies.

Competitive and technological intelligence

Exploration of emerging trends and technologies. Assessment of their relevance to the business. Identification of market needs and consumer appetite. Technical feasibility studies.

Workshop and Design Sprints

Identification of necessary skills for the project. Creation of the working team. Deck research and creation.

Design and Live Experience

Mockups creation with Figma. User testing. Writing POC specifications for dev teams. Scenario creation for the demo in the lab.